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Discipline is the driving force behind our choices, ambitions, and achievements. Whether it’s overcoming personal challenges, excelling in your career, or pursuing your passions, discipline is the key. I’m Joe Pannone, also known as Joey Pinz, and I’ve harnessed the power of discipline in my own life. From shedding over 130 pounds to founding a thriving business spanning more than 25 years, I’m not an expert, but I’m on a quest to learn.

Join me on Joey Pinz Disciple Conversations as I engage with fascinating individuals, exploring how discipline shapes their lives, goals, and decisions.


Do you long for self-discipline growth in any of the following areas? 

Health, Fitness & #Wellness:
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    • #EatingHealthy & #Diet
    • #jiujitsu 
    • #Relationships
#Business, #Technology & #Science:
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I’m Joe Pannone, aka Joey Pinz, a curious Gen-X child who never stopped asking questions. Growing up in the Northeastern US as the son of immigrants and now a father of two daughters, discipline became a necessity in my life.

When faced with life’s challenges, my answer has always been discipline. How did I:

    1. Shed over 135 pounds
    2. Establish and manage a business for over 25 years
    3. Comfort my family after the loss of my sister and start a foundation
    4. Teach myself computer languages back in 1980
    5. Obtain a pilot’s license at age 45
    6. Maintain a 5 handicap in golf
    7. Complete 5 triathlons
    8. Travel from NYC to Italy solo at the age of 10
    9. Earn the title of class clown in high school
    10. Practice intermittent fasting

Where do I lack and need more discipline?

    1. Philanthropy
    2. Matters of finance
    3. Developing a deeper connection with extended and European family
    4. Exercise and fitness
    5. Spellng
    6. Donating time and money to charity
    7. Contributing to community development, both locally and globally
    8. Fostering neighborly love
    9. Finding peace in my heart towards those who have committed atrocities
    10. Accepting compliments
    11. Managing occasional short temper

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and discipline. Let’s explore how discipline can empower you to achieve your goals and make a positive impact on society.

Podcast: Mission

How do we use discipline to better ourselves and society?

Podcast: Vision

Growth through learning from others


I will speak to interesting people that relate to my passions.

Wellness: Health &  Fitness

2021: Continue to be 195lbs & 32" waist

I was once 340 pounds!  Always fit and active in athletics, I started a business and disregarded my health.  A pre-diabetic diagnosis and the possibility of not seeing my daughters grow up was the moment of clarity.  Discipline, long-term diet, fitness, some triathlons, and CrossFit turned me around.  I am now 200 pounds and always looking to get healthier.

My newest endeavor has been with Jiu-Jitsu.  I am completely out of my comfort zone with it.  I admire and respect the discipline. 

#health #exercise #jujitsu #sustainablediet #triathalon #crossfit #diet #organic #intermittentfasting

Technology, Business, and Science

As a young adolescent, I embarked on a self-guided journey into the world of programming. Following my college graduation in 1993, I took the plunge and established a technology provider business. My deep-rooted passion for tech trends, platforms, and gadgets has been the driving force behind my entrepreneurial endeavors. I firmly believe that technology plays a pivotal role in advancing our society.

The art of nurturing growth and ensuring the happiness of customers, employees, vendors, and partners within the realm of business has always fascinated me.

Additionally, I find profound beauty in the fusion of science and technology. The intersection of these two domains unveils endless opportunities for innovation and progress.

#technology #techtrends #msp #tsp #appdev #programming #coding #business #sciencetechnology”

Entertainment: Music, Sports, Film, Comedy, and Art

My passion for music ignited when I delved into my mother’s collection of Beatles albums. As a dedicated enthusiast of live music, I’ve cultivated a profound appreciation for the musical landscapes of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. While I may not claim virtuosity, I’ve embraced guitar playing as a hobbyist. Armed with a repertoire of ten chords, I can provide competent rhythm guitar accompaniment to complement a talented musician.

Beyond my musical interests, I harbor a deep fascination for stand-up comedy and its vibrant history. Whenever the opportunity arises, I eagerly attend live comedy performances.

In addition to my cultural interests, I’m an avid follower of various sports. As both an enthusiastic and amateur golfer, I relish the opportunity to play and continuously improve my game. While I no longer play soccer, I enjoyed a lifelong involvement in the sport, including coaching my daughters. Furthermore, I closely follow the major American sports with unwavering enthusiasm.

#golf #soccer @mancity @epl @yankees @USMNT @USWNT @mlb @nfl @nba @pga @usga #athletics

Culture: Travel, Food, Family and Language

When I was just ten years old, my father surprised me with an unexpected journey: a solo flight from NYC to Naples for a summer vacation. This experience introduced me to my immediate Italian family, and it became a tradition I cherished well into adulthood. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to explore various parts of the United States and Europe. While I did earn my private pilot license at one point, I regrettably didn’t maintain it.

While my Italian language skills could use some improvement, I consider myself something of an English grammar enthusiast. I make an effort to avoid the misuse of certain words and phrases, such as ‘literally,’ ‘irregardless’ (without the ‘ir’), ‘true fact,’ ‘too much like,’ ‘anyways’ (without the ‘S’), ‘re-emphasis,’ ‘I don’t disagree,’ ‘I’m a realist,’ and ‘adulting.’

My mother, father and me, Queens NYC 1970

I derive great pleasure from the art of fine dining and cooking. I frequently prepare meals for both friends and family, emphasizing a from-scratch approach with a distinct Italian influence, honoring my heritage.

In 2004, tragedy struck when my sister, at the young age of 30, lost her life in a car accident, leaving behind two young children. In her memory, we swiftly established a fund to honor her legacy and support those in need

#travel #culture #language  #noliterally #italy #switzerland #foodie  #family #finedining #cooking #italiancooking

Hey there! I'm

               JOEY PINZ

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I share regularly dose of inspiration, new podcast episodes, marketing tips, freebies and giveaways. Want in?

Hey there! I'm

               JOEY PINZ

Let's Exchange Stories

I share regularly dose of inspiration, new podcast episodes, marketing tips, freebies and giveaways. Want in?