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Discipline. How does it play a role in your life? How does it drive your decisions? Do you have too much or too little? Every profession, hobby, or passion requires a level of discipline. I have used it in weight loss (+130 lbs.), family death, and found a +25 year business. Am I an expert? Absolutely not!
Please join me, as I speak to interesting people and find out how discipline affects their career, life, goals, and decisions.


Do you long for self-discipline growth in any of the following areas? 

Health, Fitness & #Wellness:
    • #WeightLoss
    • #Exercise. #Fitness & #Athletics
    • #EatingHealthy & #Diet
    • #jiujitsu #martialarts
    • #Relationships
#Business, #Technology & #Science:
    • #BusinessGrowth
    • #Productivity / #Process
    • #Empowerment
#Art & #Culture:

Expanding taste & curiosity in:
#Food / #Travel / #Film / #Music & #Comedy


Hi, I’m Joe Pannone, aka Joey Pinz (a golf nickname). As a curious gen-x child I was constantly asking questions. This laid the foundation for my disciplined question-based learning. Living primarily in the northeast US, son of immigrants and father of two daughters, I have developed a necessity for discipline.

When asked how I faced some of my life’s challenges, my answer always begins with discipline. How did (or do) I:

    1. lose 135+ pounds
    2. found and run 25+-year-old business
    3. after the loss of my sister, comfort family and start a foundation
    4. teach myself computer languages in 1980
    5. get a pilot’s license at age 45
    6. maintain a golf 5 handicap
    7. complete 5 triathlons
    8. travel from NYC to Italy by myself at 10 years old
    9. earn class clown in high-school
    10. intermittent fast

Where do I lack and need more discipline?

    1. philanthropy
    2. matters of finance
    3. developing a deeper connection with extended and European family
    4. exercise and fitness
    5. spellng
    6. donation of my time and money to charity
    7. community development, both locally and globally
    8. loving my neighbors
    9. finding peace in my heart towards those that have committed atrocities
    10. accepting of compliments
    11. at times, short-tempered
    12. and much more…


Podcast: Mission

How do we use discipline to better ourselves and society?



Podcast: Vision

Growth through learning from others


I will speak to interesting people that relate to my passions.

Wellness: Health &  Fitness

Present: Continue to be 195lbs & 32" waist

I was once 340 pounds!  Always fit and active in athletics, I started a business and disregarded my health.  A pre-diabetic diagnosis and the possibility of not seeing my daughters grow up was the moment of clarity.  Discipline, long-term diet, fitness, some triathlons, and CrossFit turned me around.  I am now 200 pounds and always looking to get healthier.

My newest endeavor has been with Jiu-Jitsu.  I am completely out of my comfort zone with it.  I admire and respect the discipline. 

#health #exercise #jujitsu #sustainablediet #triathalon #crossfit #diet #organic #intermittentfasting

Technology, Business, and Science

As a tween, I self-taught programming. In 1993, after graduating college, I founded a tech provider business, as I love tech trends, platforms, and gadgets. Technology plays a significant role in the advancement of humankind. 

How to grow, keep customers, employees, vendors, and partners happy in business intrigues me.

Science is a beautiful branch of knowledge, specifically how it intersects with technology.

#technology #techtrends #msp #tsp #appdev #programming #coding #business #sciencetechnology


Entertainment: Music, Sports, Film, Comedy, and Art

My fondness for music began with my mother’s Beatles albums. As a live music enthusiast, I am also a savant of 60s, 70s & 80s music. I am a hobbyist-level guitar player and I could be an adequate rhythm guitar backup, with my ten chord knowledge, for someone talented.

I enjoy stand-up and the history of comedy, going to live performances as often as possible. 

I passionately follow many sports. An avid and amateur golfer, I love to play and learn. I played soccer all my life, but no longer play. I coached my daughters in soccer. I closely follow the major American sports.

#golf #soccer @mancity @epl @yankees @USMNT @USWNT @mlb @nfl @nba @pga @usga #athletics #mancity

Culture: Travel, Food, Family and Language

At ten years old, without notice, my father flew me alone from NYC to Naples for summer vacation. I met my immediate Italian family and continued to visit them into my adulthood. I have had the great experience of traveling to a lot of the US and parts of Europe. I earned my private pilot license but did not keep up with it. 

While my Italian needs a lot of improvement, I am a bit of an English grammarian. I try to avoid the misuse of some words or phrases: literally, (ir)regardless (no ‘ir’), true fact, too much like, anyways (no ‘S’), re-emphasis, I don’t disagree, I’m a realist and adulting.

My mother, father and me, Queens NYC 1970

I enjoy fine dining and the art of cooking. I often cook for friends and family. My cooking is from scratch and has an Italian slant, given my ancestry.

In 2004, my sister tragically died in a car accident at 30 years old.  She left behind her two young children.  We immediately started a fund in her honor.

#travel #culture #language  #noliterally #italy #switzerland #foodie  #family #finedining #cooking #italiancooking

Hey there! I'm

               JOEY PINZ

Let's Exchange Stories

I share regularly dose of inspiration, new podcast episodes, marketing tips, freebies and giveaways. Want in?

Hey there! I'm

               JOEY PINZ

Let's Exchange Stories

I share regularly dose of inspiration, new podcast episodes, marketing tips, freebies and giveaways. Want in?