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Welcome to Joey Pinz Discipline Conversations, where we explore the depths of metaphysics and tap into the boundless wisdom within ourselves! 🌌🧠

In this mind-expanding 2nd episode, join me, Joey Pinz, as I sit down with the insightful Erin Patten, an expert in metaphysics, to discover the incredible potential of our own knowledge. 🌟 Erin Patten is a Metaphysical master in the millennial age. Learn how to use metaphysics, with discipline, in day-to-day life, in relationships, and the path to betterment.

🎥 In this enlightening conversation, Erin reveals:

☑️ How metaphysics can empower us to unlock our inner wisdom and intuition.
☑️ Practical techniques for tapping into our innate knowledge and higher consciousness.
☑️ The profound impact of self-discovery and metaphysical exploration on personal growth.

Erin’s deep understanding of metaphysics will awaken your curiosity and inspire you to embark on a journey of self-awareness and expanded consciousness.

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Email: erin@erinpatten.com

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