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Welcome back to Joey Pinz Discipline Conversations, where we embark on insightful discussions about health, nutrition, and personal well-being! 🍎🥗

In this eye-opening 3rd episode, join me, Joey Pinz, as I sit down with the talented Chef-Alex Treen, an expert in culinary arts and nutrition, as we explore the intriguing evolution of the American diet. 🍔🥦 Chef Alex Treen decided to attend culinary school right after high school. He continued to grow as a chef by traveling and working under many amazing chefs. Chef Alex has helped open many restaurants and even his own catering company.

🎥 In this thought-provoking conversation, Chef-Alex delves into:

✔️ The historical shifts that have transformed the way Americans eat and their impact on health.
✔️ The challenges posed by the prevalence of processed foods, fast food culture, and sedentary lifestyles.
✔️ Practical tips for making healthier food choices and embracing a balanced approach to nutrition.

Chef Alex’s culinary expertise and deep understanding of nutrition will empower you to rethink your relationship with food and make positive changes in your diet for a healthier and more fulfilling life!

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