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Welcome to Joey Pinz Discipline Conversations, where we delve into the critical importance of mental health for overall well-being and personal growth! 🧠💚

In this insightful 10th episode, join me, Joey Pinz, as I sit down with the esteemed Michelle Dickinson, to shine a spotlight on the significance of mental health in our lives. 🌟
Michelle is a Ted Talk speaker, author, and mental health advocate. We discuss “invisible disabilities”.

🎥 In this enlightening conversation, Michelle discusses:

🌟 The integral connection between mental health and overall health and how one impacts the other.
🌟 Strategies and practices for nurturing mental well-being and resilience.
🌟 Breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and promoting open conversations.

Michelle’s expertise in mental health will inspire you to prioritize self-care and cultivate a healthy mind for a fulfilling life.

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