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Welcome to Joey Pinz Discipline Conversations, where we explore the world of travel and photography, and uncover valuable tips to enhance our journeys! 🌍📸

In this captivating 14th episode, join me, Joey Pinz, as I sit down with the seasoned traveler and photography expert, Ralph Velasco, to unveil his travel tip secrets. ✈️📷 Ralph Velasco is a travel photographer, experienced tour organizer, small business owner, entrepreneur, 3rd generation restaurateur, podcaster, YouTuber, and author.

🎥 In this enlightening conversation, Ralph shares:

✔️ Proven travel hacks and tips to make your trips more enjoyable and hassle-free.
✔️ How to capture stunning travel photographs that encapsulate the essence of each destination.
✔️ The transformative power of travel in fostering personal growth and cultural understanding.

Ralph’s wealth of experience in both travel and photography will inspire you to embark on enriching journeys and capture cherished memories with your camera lens.

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