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Rob Broadhead is a professional software developer based in Nashville, Tennessee. His passions are broad, but he often is drawn to both sides of coaching and mentor relationships. This led him to launch the Develpreneur.com site in 2016 and adding a podcast in 2017. Then he added a YouTube Channel in 2019. The focus of the blog and episodes are helping developers advance in their career by learning from his successes and mistakes.

He founded RB Consulting as a software development and implementation consulting company. However, after witnessing a significant number of poorly planned and designed projects, he altered the business focus. The primary focus is on helping customers put together well-designed project plans and navigate the vast sea of technology. This includes building teams/departments to address IT needs in the future as well as for today. There is also still a software development wing of the company and implementation consulting.

Rob received his MBA (with a concentration in e-Business) at the University of Phoenix. He also holds a BS in Computer Science from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

He is a single father of five staying busy watching them grow up and leave home. This occurred after losing the mother of all five children and his soul mate of 18 years to cancer. His four boys and girl are comprised of the oldest three, “The Brothers” (Tim, Ian, and Tom) followed by several years younger Bec and the baby Ben. The decades of child raising have provided many insights, many times of sorrow and worry, and an almost constant source of laughter.

Rob usually can be found in front of a computer working on his latest project, but sometimes he does get away from the desk. He is an avid fan of ballroom dancing and playing hockey in his minimal free time. He also enjoys writing and has authored both technical ones and one detailing his wife’s battle with cancer..

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