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The trajectory of Bumpin Uglies started over a decade ago, making music with friends, playing backyard parties and anywhere else they could get a gig. For Brandon Hardesty, lead vocals and guitar, it was a simple time, but one that taught him lessons that stay with him today as he leads the band into the 2020s.

Dive into an electrifying #26 episode with the incredible Brandon Hardesty, the Front-man of Bumpin Uglies. In this captivating conversation, we get an exclusive look into Brandon’s musical journey, his inspirations, and the discipline it takes to thrive in the music industry.

🎵 Unleashing Musical Talent: Discover the passion and dedication behind Bumpin Uglies’ unique sound as Brandon Hardesty shares his insights on songwriting, performance, and artistic expression.

🎸 The Beat of Success: Uncover the secrets to making it big in the music world, as Joey Pinz engages Brandon Hardesty in an inspiring dialogue about discipline and perseverance in the face of challenges.

🎯 Elevate Your Artistry: Learn how discipline and creativity work hand in hand to bring dreams to life, and find inspiration to pursue your artistic endeavors fearlessly.

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