#276 Lindsay Leigh: 🌱Transcendent Tales: Lindsay Leigh on the Art of Growth and Connection🔥


🎙️ In this eye-opening episode, Joey Pinz sits down with Lindsay Leigh, a spiritual guide and coach, to explore the intricate balance between relaxation and discipline. Can you be both relaxed and challenged? Absolutely, says Lindsay!

🌟 Top 3 Highlights:
1️⃣ The Art of Letting Go: Lindsay shares her transformative journey of learning to release expectations and embrace the unknown.
2️⃣ The Balanced Nervous System: How can you be relaxed yet challenged? The answer lies in balancing your nervous system to unlock higher levels of creativity and productivity.
3️⃣ Red Flags in Collaboration: Lindsay divulges what she looks for in an ideal client, emphasizing the importance of trust and openness in the process.

🔥 Don’t miss this compelling conversation that takes you on a journey from mindfulness to discipline, revealing how the two can coexist to better ourselves and society. Ready to achieve that Zen state while pushing your limits? Tune in now!

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