#279 Chet Galaska: πŸ’‰ The Discipline of Managing Diabetes: An Inspiring Chat with Chet Galaska 🌟

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In this episode of #JoeyPinzDiscipleConversations, we dive into the discipline required to manage diabetes effectively with our special guest, Chet Galaska. πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ Chet shares decades of wisdom on how essential discipline is to live a healthy and fulfilling life as a diabetic. 🎯

πŸ”₯Top 3 HighlightsπŸ”₯
1️⃣ The Dawn Effect: How biological rhythms impact glucose levels and why understanding this is critical.
2️⃣ Bob Krauss’ Story: The discipline that kept a Type 1 diabetic alive even before the advent of insulin. 🌈
3️⃣ “Eat to Live”: Chet’s philosophy that flips the script on how you should approach your diet. πŸ₯—

Chet’s approach to discipline doesn’t just stop at managing the disease but extends to his success in raising a family of good, honest people. 🌱 He truly embodies our mission of using discipline to better ourselves and society.πŸ‘₯

Looking for actionable advice on how to use discipline to manage diabetes or any other aspect of your life? This episode is for you! 🎧

πŸ”—For more resources, visit Chet’s website: www.challengediabetes.us

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The author and speaker has lived with diabetes for 40+ years explains this misunderstood disease with real world insights.

Join us for enlightening discussions that spark growth and exploration.
Hosted by Joey Pinz, this Discipline Conversations Podcast offers insights and inspiration.

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