#281 Angie Colee: 🎙️ Unleashing the Power of Discipline with Angie Colee: A Conversation about Success, Acceptance, and Personal Impact


🔥 In this episode of Joey Pinz Disciple Conversations, we dive deep with Angie Colee, the visionary behind Permission to Kickass. What does discipline mean when it comes to achieving success? Angie shares her unique perspective, revealing that for her, success isn’t just about numbers or status. 🌟 It’s about making a meaningful impact, even if it’s just on one person’s life.

👀 Top 3 Highlights:
1️⃣ Angie’s struggle with accepting help due to her Southern upbringing and how it led her to value the joy of giving. 🌈
2️⃣ How Angie measures success through the ‘ripple effect,’ impacting one life at a time to create a wave of change. 🌊
3️⃣ Angie’s belief that accepting help is not just a kindness to others but a form of personal generosity. 🤝

🔍 Angie believes that helping someone can be a joyful experience, not just for the receiver but for the giver as well. Refusing help, she argues, robs the helper of their joy. Tune in to understand the dynamic interplay of discipline, success, and the importance of human connection. 👥

💥 Discover why Angie Colee believes that discipline isn’t just about achieving personal goals but about enabling a life well-lived. 🌱

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Angie’s friends call her “The One-Woman Bomb Squad” (possibly her favorite nickname).

She’s the one people send into client or team situations that are tense and threatening to blow up, because If anyone can defuse it, Angie can.

Angie believes people (NOT profits and processes) are the most crucial part of any business. She helps creative service providers, company leaders, and founders become the leaders their business needs to grow and thrive.

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