#327 Chantal Landreville: ❤️ Redefining Love: A Deep Dive with a Relationship Expert


In this enlightening episode, Joey Pinz engages in a profound conversation with Chantal, a seasoned author and Certified Love & Relationship Coach, who brings her vibrant energy and transformative insights into the complex world of love and relationships. Diving deep beyond the surface, Chantal shares her personal journey and the lessons she learned along the way, offering listeners a new perspective on forming and maintaining healthy, balanced connections.

🔑 Top 3 Highlights:

  1. Disrupting Love Myths: Chantal debunks common misconceptions about love, urging us to move beyond the “Disneyfied” notions and embrace the realities of sustaining long-term relationships.
  2. Building Emotional Intelligence: The discussion reveals the importance of communication skills, emotional intelligence, and self-worth in nurturing relationships, highlighting how education systems fail to prepare us for these critical life aspects.
  3. The Art of Vulnerability: Chantal emphasizes vulnerability and self-discovery as keys to unlocking healthier relationships and a deeper understanding of oneself.

Join us for this captivating exploration that challenges conventional views on love and provides actionable advice for those seeking to elevate their relationship game. Whether you’re navigating the dating world or looking to deepen existing connections, this episode is a must-listen!


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Additional Information:

Don’t miss out on this powerful episode that’s set to change the way you think about love and relationships. Tune in to “Redefining Love: A Deep Dive with a Relationship Expert” for an unforgettable journey with Joey Pinz and Chantal, and discover how to transform your approach to love, one conversation at a time. 🌟

Author, Certified Love & Relationship Coach and Human connector. Extremely animated. Here to help us grow better, together

Join us for enlightening discussions that spark growth and exploration.

Hosted by Joey Pinz, this Discipline Conversations Podcast offers insights and inspiration.

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