346 Gina Mundy: 🍼 Unpacking Childbirth Safety: Insights from Gina Mundy


In this enlightening episode of Joey Pinz Disciple Conversations, Joey delves into the complex and critical world of childbirth with renowned childbirth attorney Gina Mundy. They explore the challenges and intricacies of navigating medical procedures during childbirth, the vital role of doulas, and the often controversial use of the drug Pitocin. Gina shares her extensive experience and insights gained from defending hospitals and writing a pivotal book aimed at guiding parents through safer childbirth practices.

🎙️ Top 3 Highlights:

  1. Gina’s Journey: From being unaware of doulas to advocating for their integral role in childbirth, Gina’s career evolution offers profound insights into the medical and legal aspects of childbirth.
  2. Challenges of Pitocin Use: The episode unpacks the varying medical opinions about the induction drug Pitocin, highlighting its risks and the necessity for meticulous management during labor.
  3. Impactful Advice: Gina provides actionable advice for expectant parents, drawing from her book which addresses key strategies to mitigate risks during childbirth.

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Additional Information:

Listeners seeking to understand the nuances of medical decisions during childbirth and how to advocate for safer, informed choices will find this episode invaluable. It’s a must-listen for expecting parents, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in the intersection of law and medicine.

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