#347 Dixie Huey: 🍽️ Feasting on Health: Dixie Huey on Transforming Lives Through Nourishment


Join Joey Pinz in a transformative conversation with Dixie Huey, author of “The Nourishment Mindset,” as they delve into the profound impact of proper nutrition and mindset on overall health. In this episode, Dixie shares her personal journey from a ballet dancer struggling with an eating disorder to a nutrition expert passionate about empowering others. Discover the key highlights of their discussion:

  1. The shift from mindless calorie counting to mindful nourishment.
  2. The significant role of community and leisure in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Practical tips for embracing a balanced approach to eating and living.

Tune in to explore how embracing a nourishing mindset can lead to a healthier, more fulfilled life. 🌟

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On a metabolic mission to help you discover vitality via table-side pleasures.Author and Pod/Videocaster, Foodie, Sommelier and Francophile.

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