#396 IT Nation Secure 2024: 🔒 Zero-Trust Email Security: Insights with Ben Hathaway 💌


🔒 “Zero-Trust Email Security: Insights with Ben Hathaway” 💌

Summary: In this insightful episode, Joey Pinz sits down with Ben Hathaway, the Chief Technology Officer at Mail Protector, to discuss the pressing issues surrounding email security. Ben introduces Mail Protector’s innovative solution, Shield, which employs a zero-trust approach to eliminate all unwanted emails. Unlike traditional methods, Shield integrates seamlessly with users’ existing email clients, ensuring ease of use without additional installations or learning curves.

Key highlights from the conversation include:

  • Revolutionizing Email Security: Discover how Shield’s zero-trust approach redefines email protection by assuming all emails are threats, focusing on stopping unwanted communication to boost productivity.
  • User-Centric Design: Learn about Mail Protector’s commitment to creating user-friendly and secure products, demonstrated by their email encryption tool, Bracket.
  • AI in Email Security: Explore how AI technologies personalize email experiences by learning individual user preferences, effectively acting as noise-canceling headphones for your inbox.

Join us to understand the future of email security and how Shield is changing the game for MSPs and their clients. 📧✨

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Meta Tag: Experience a new era of email security with Ben Hathaway’s insights on Mail Protector’s Shield and its zero-trust approach.

Tags: Email Security, Zero Trust, AI Technology, MSP Solutions, Mail Protector, Productivity, User-Friendly Design

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Episode Links:

Email: christine.gassman@mailprotector.com

Email: ben.hathaway@mailprotector.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ben-hathaway/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinegassman/


Email Security, Zero Trust, AI Technology, MSP Solutions, Mail Protector, Productivity, User-Friendly Design

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