#397 IT Nation Secure 2024:🔒 Mastering MSP Cybersecurity: Insights from Jeremy Riemer


In this episode, Joey Pinz engages with cybersecurity expert Jeremy Riemer, who leads the cybersecurity efforts at an MSP in Wisconsin. Jeremy shares his passion for security, highlighting how he brings clarity to clients’ security concerns and alleviates their burdens. The discussion delves into Jeremy’s experience at IT Nation Secure, emphasizing the importance of selective vendor reliance and the ideal MSP-vendor partnership. Jeremy recounts a memorable pitching session at the event, showcasing his humorous and impactful presentation style. The conversation also covers the significance of cybersecurity awareness training and the need for engaging storytelling in training programs. Key takeaways include Jeremy’s approach to simplifying security for SMBs, the value of networking, and practical steps for enhancing cybersecurity awareness.


  1. Jeremy’s approach to simplifying cybersecurity for SMBs.
  2. Key insights from IT Nation Secure and the importance of vendor partnerships.
  3. The role of storytelling in effective cybersecurity awareness training.

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  • Meta Title: Inside the Mind of a Cybersecurity Pro ğŸŽ§
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  • Tags: Cybersecurity, MSP, IT Nation Secure, Vendor Partnerships, Awareness Training
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Cybersecurity, MSP, IT Nation Secure, Vendor Partnerships, Awareness Training

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