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Liz Lewinson is an author, speaker, teacher, technologist, strategic planner, and feminist. Learn how to use Buddhist principles in your life. Hint: mediation and martial arts.

Explore the depths of self-discovery and personal growth with our transformative #09 episode featuring the remarkable Liz Lewinson. In this illuminating conversation, we delve into the profound teachings of Buddhism and unveil practical ways to integrate its timeless wisdom into our daily lives.

🧘‍♂️ Embrace Inner Harmony: Unveil the transformative power of Buddhism as Liz Lewinson shares invaluable insights on mindfulness, compassion, and navigating life’s challenges with grace.

🌺 Blossom Like the Lotus: Let your inner wisdom bloom as Joey Pinz engages Liz Lewinson in a soul-stirring dialogue, transcending cultures and resonating with seekers worldwide.

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