Joey Pinz Discipline Conversations 0: Joey Pinz Discipline Conversations – Introduction Trailer

Hi, I am Joey Pinz.
How do we use discipline to better ourselves and society?

People ask me, how did I lose 130 pounds?  My quick answer is discipline.

Discipline. How does it play a role in your life? Do you have too much or too little?  How does it drive your decisions?  Every profession, passion, or hobby requires a level of discipline.  I have used it in weight loss (+130 lbs.), family death, and found a +25 year business.  Am I an expert?  Certainly not!

Please join me, as I speak to interesting people and find out how discipline affects their career, life, goals, and decisions.

I will launch on September 8, 2021, with 25 episodes.  We will publish one episode per week, with occasional bonus episodes.
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