#358 IT Nation Secure 2024: 🔥 Empowering MSPs: Habits for Growth, Automation & Security with Tony Thomas


Join Joey Pinz as he chats with Tony Thomas about the transformative power of habits in the IT industry. Tony emphasizes the importance of building habits in three key areas: IT Nation Growth, Automation Nation, and IT Nation Secure. Discover how MSPs can navigate growth, from personal finances and team management to automation culture and security resilience.

Top Highlights:

  • IT Nation Growth: Tony discusses key strategies for MSPs to manage growth, including financial planning and team care.
  • Automation Nation: Learn about the role of automation in boosting productivity and efficiency, leveraging generative AI.
  • IT Nation Secure: Explore the importance of a strong security culture, resilience, and threat management in today’s digital economy.

Tony also introduces PartnerFest, a new event designed to rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit and camaraderie within ConnectWise. Through fireside forums, thought experiments, and workshops, PartnerFest aims to foster a community feel and celebrate partner-first values. Tune in to hear how tiny habits can lead to significant changes and drive success in the IT industry.

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  1. 🔥 Habits for MSP Growth & Automation with Tony Thomas
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  3. 🛡️ Building Security Culture in MSPs with Tony Thomas
  4. 🌐 PartnerFest: Reviving IT Community Spirit with Tony Thomas
  5. 🎉 IT Nation Experiences: Growth, Automation & Security with Tony Thomas

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  • Meta Tag: Discover the power of habits in IT with Joey Pinz and Tony Thomas as they discuss growth, automation, and security for MSPs.
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MSPGrowth, Automation, CyberSecurity, PartnerFest, ITCommunity, TechTalk, ITNation


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