#360 IT Nation Secure 2024: 🔒 Cultural Shifts and Security Insights with Raffy Marty


🔒 Cultural Shifts and Security Insights with Raffy Marty

In this enlightening episode, Raffy Marty delves into the cultural contrasts between Switzerland and the US, sharing how these differences shape perspectives on success and risk-taking. He explores his journey from studying cryptography to becoming a key figure in IT security, highlighting the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the field.

Key Highlights:

  • Cultural Perspectives on Risk: Raffy discusses the varying attitudes towards risk and success in Switzerland versus the US, providing unique insights into how these cultural nuances impact personal and professional growth.
  • Economic Dynamics of Cybercrime: The conversation reveals the economic motivations behind cybercrime, emphasizing the perpetual challenge of achieving robust cybersecurity in a landscape where attackers often outpace defenders.
  • Commitment to Security: Raffy stresses the importance of MSPs committing to security, even with limited knowledge, and the potential for security services to become a lucrative business. He encourages partnerships with vendors to offer comprehensive security solutions.

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Email: Raffael.Marty@connectwise.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raffy/


Cybersecurity, IT Security, Cultural Differences, MSP, Risk Taking, Cyber Crime, AI, Raffy Marty


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